Gone Dutch

I’m currently in the Netherlands at the Dutch PHP Conference, where some interesting talks have already occurred, particularly in a talk about using IPv6, the version of the basic Internet Protocol that deals with the fact that the current version only has a small number of addresses (which are in the process of rapidly running out, and have already done at some levels).

Supporting IPV6 is one of those changes that has a huge amount of impact, to operations, security, code and many other areas, a great deal of which hasn’t got the practical experience that many people bring to traditional IPv4 networks.

Security itself has been on our minds too, and the minds of many after the PSN and Qrosity hacks Sony proved vulnerable to recently. Securing data, particularly financial data, is vital, but it’s also hard, and can be very subtle. Though it’s more of a end-user problem, clever techniques like this clever right to left unicode spoofing mean there’s always someone trying something new to get it

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