Brand journalism

Once upon a time marketing was a concept strictly for marketers. In this hazy old era, customer service was a realm inhabited by customer service experts who dealt with customer service. Meanwhile, newsrooms were busy with their news, in their separate rooms. Then social media came along, wearing a meme hat and talking in hashtags.

For some, keeping these areas segmented works, but in most cases it makes far more sense for everybody to work together. Social media can be marketing. Customer service can social media engagement. Marketing can service customers.

One way this is seen in action is in brand journalism. Albert Pusch, head of marketing at FACT-Finder, writes on The Wall that “the marketing department of today is tomorrow’s social media newsroom”. Spreading brand news in an engaging way can help to hit the nail on the head for marketing purposes, social media aims and customer service goals.

Have a look at The Wall for some tips on how to get brand journalism right, from working in real time to engaging with customers, encouraging communities to aggregating.

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