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Sad Cloud

The big news right now is the rather massive outage at Amazon’s US-EAST-1 datacenter, which has taken down Quora, FourSquare, Reddit,, Wildfire and a bunch of other notable sites that built on AWS infrastructure. While it’s being worked on … Continue reading

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Social marathon

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Intentionally blank

The VGD team (and a large chunk of VML) were out at a charity pub quiz for the runners at Sunday’s Virgin London Marathon last night, but we’re also in preparation for Monday’s Social Media Marathon, which should be an … Continue reading

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Next Generation Networking

The be-suited bloggers Virgin Media Business┬áposted recently on how they’ve helped Nottingham Building Society with an IP-VPN solution. IP-VPN is an interesting tech, as part of the general trend to Next Generation Networks. For some time telecoms companies have transported … Continue reading

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We Blog

Bob, our content supremo, has been looking around for something simple for sending files about without having to have the other party download a specific app recently, and has been looking at We Transfer. What’s interesting about it is not … Continue reading

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Locations & Games

Another innovation that has spawned a huge number of interesting applications is A-GPS in mobile phones. While the basics of GPS, triangulating position based on signals from satellites, have been around since the 60s, a fair number of barriers had … Continue reading

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Opening Up

We’ve all been very impressed with Nike’s Better World work, and it looks like they’re hiring an open data specialist to help with the release of information online which is an interesting next step. This trend for public sharing of … Continue reading

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